[wingide-users] Syntax Error Tooltips Stealing Focus

Mike Shepanski mjs7231 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 12:17:17 MST 2008

When editing WingIDE 3.1.5-1 (rev 19085), I get all the underlines and good
stuff about systax errors.  This makes sense because while typing, there are
often errors before you complete the line.  I don't mind so much seeing
these works get underlined.  However, there is also a tooltip which pops up
and steals focus from my typing.

This seems like a new bug in a recent version of WingIDE that I haven't hit
in previous versions.  I am sure you can understand this can become very
annoying, as I can never type an if statement without using the mouse to
bring focus back to the editor every few seconds.

I tried setting the option PREFS >> EDITOR >> ERROR INDICATORS to Show no
indicators, but this doesn't stop the tooltip from poping up every few
seconds.  Is there a quick fix I can do someplace until an official fix
comes out.

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