[wingide-users] Wing cant import the amara module while ipython can

Michael Bernhard Arp Sørensen michael at arpsorensen.dk
Thu Nov 13 07:50:27 MST 2008

Hi there.

This might be a more generic problem. A newly installed python module, for
handling XML, cannot be importet when testing with pylint.

When I try from the command line, pylint can still not import amara.

Ipython, however, can import amara:

In [1]: import amara

In [2]: amara?
Type:           module
Base Class:     <type 'module'>
String Form:    <module 'amara' from
Namespace:      Interactive
    <no docstring>

In [3]:

Is it a "normal" problem for pylint to import modules?

I'm new to pylint and wing.

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards

Michael B. Arp Sørensen
Programmer / BOFH

"Ride out and meet them."
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