[wingide-users] wing IDE and matplotlib Interactive mode support

Jonathan Mozes jon at rayv.com
Wed Nov 5 02:39:47 MST 2008

I'm using the Gnuplot module instead, and it seems to be working fine, especially under Linux systems.


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Mark Assad wrote:
>     I've been trying to use the interactive mode of matplotlib with
> Wing IDE without any luck. I was wondering if anyone had any
> suggestions of how to get this combination to work correctly.
> ...
> At this point, i would have expected to see a simple graph with a line
> on the screen which i can interact with. The graph appears, but it's
> frozen .. None of the buttons seem to work.

A way to work with matplotlib right now is to write a short script to 
set up your graph and then run it in the debugger.  The debugger can be 
paused so that values set via the debug probe; the graph windows will be 
responsive again when continue is used to unpause the debugger.

We plan to improve interactive matplotlib usage in the future.


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