[wingide-users] ssh tunneling + remote debugging + file mapping?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Nov 4 12:14:07 MST 2008

Peter J. Bismuti,1588618,PRD wrote:
> I'm usingg ssh tunneling so that I can run the IDE locally and have a process 
> running on a remote machine behind a firewall connect back to the ide using 
> the port "localhost:50005".  
> One of the snags with this is that file mapping is not recognized with a 
> server defined as "localhost", if you manually enter it into the preferences 
> file it will be stripped out.  I did learn that you can use "" 
> instead with the file mapping definition and the IDE will accept it and it 
> does seem to work.  Agreed? shouldn't be a problem.  localhost not working is a bug, but should work in any case.

> The problem I've been having seems to be that if a shell command that takes a 
> long time is executed the debugger will get lost and not reattach itself.   I 
> played with it for several days and I think now it is working after I set the 
> "embedded" flat to 1. 

Were you able to determine if your ssh tunnel stayed connected even when 
no data was sent over it for a period of time?  (We've exchanged emails 
on this issue before, and I believe this is an unanswered question).  Do 
you start your application by running a python script or some other, 
non-python executable?

Note that the debugger is not designed to automatically detach and 
reattach.  Detaching and reattaching may be done explicitly by the user, 
but I don't think you're trying to do this.



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