[wingide-users] ssh tunneling + remote debugging + file mapping?

Peter J. Bismuti,1588618,PRD peter.j.bismuti at boeing.com
Tue Nov 4 13:02:25 MST 2008

I'm usingg ssh tunneling so that I can run the IDE locally and have a process 
running on a remote machine behind a firewall connect back to the ide using 
the port "localhost:50005".  

One of the snags with this is that file mapping is not recognized with a 
server defined as "localhost", if you manually enter it into the preferences 
file it will be stripped out.  I did learn that you can use "" 
instead with the file mapping definition and the IDE will accept it and it 
does seem to work.  Agreed?

The problem I've been having seems to be that if a shell command that takes a 
long time is executed the debugger will get lost and not reattach itself.   I 
played with it for several days and I think now it is working after I set the 
"embedded" flat to 1. 

Has anyone else had any experiences with debugging remotely like this?


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