[wingide-users] Goto source troubles with doctests in __test__

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Fri May 30 08:30:50 MDT 2008

René Pijlman wrote:
> In the testing tool, when I right-click on a doctest in __test__ and do 
> Goto Source, I get an error dialog: "Error executing 
> command.internal.none.goto_defn".
> There's another problem when the name of an item in __test__ equals the 
> name of a function definition in the same file. See the code below. When 
> I right-click on foo.py > __test__ > foo in the tree in the testing tool 
> and Goto Source, Wing highlights the function definition of foo(), 
> rather than __test__['foo'].

Thanks for the report.  I'm going to let John handle this since he's been
doing all the work on the doctest support, but he is on vacation until
next week.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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