[wingide-users] Goto source troubles with doctests in __test__

René Pijlman reneOnLists at applinet.nl
Thu May 29 13:09:29 MDT 2008

In the testing tool, when I right-click on a doctest in __test__ and do 
Goto Source, I get an error dialog: "Error executing 

There's another problem when the name of an item in __test__ equals the 
name of a function definition in the same file. See the code below. When 
I right-click on foo.py > __test__ > foo in the tree in the testing tool 
and Goto Source, Wing highlights the function definition of foo(), 
rather than __test__['foo'].

I'm using Wing 3.1.1-1 (rev 18164) on Windows XP. This is the code I 
used to reproduce the issue (both tests fail):


__test__ = {}

def foo():
     >>> foo()
     return 'foo'

__test__['foo'] = '''
 >>> foo()

def _test():
     import doctest

if __name__ == "__main__":


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