[wingide-users] Impending Doom - or Unprivileged Install on Vista

Harald Blåtand kozneb at gmail.com
Thu May 29 08:44:07 MDT 2008

Hi, and first of all, Thanks for a great product!!

I and several colleagues are using WingIDE since several years, and I am
currently on 3.1 on Vista. (Some of us have even paid for it privately, to
avoid the office paperwork.)

Now to my question.
Hard times are coming. Our company (one of those Big Pharma giants) is about
to launch a new corporate standard PC client, based on Vista, for 60,000
seats. Our IT operations are outsourced to IBM. The outsourcing contract
states that no PC user - and that means NO ONE - will have admin rights on
his computer. No, not even developers. And no one will be able to install

Since Vista's "Installer Detection" reacts to "An Installer", without
bothering to find out whether it really needs admin rights, a user wanting
to use some new software will have no choice but to file a request to IBM to
get it packaged for installing via SMS. There will be lead times. And

But there are ways around it. An installer may explicitly tell Vista, "I
won't be needing admin rights", and "Installer Detection" will let it
through. (Of course, should the installer try to do something privileged,
it'll still be caught later.) This is documented by Microsoft, and seems to
work fine.

So - have you guys been thinking about providing an unprivileged WingIDE
installer for Vista, along these lines? If you already have it and I missed
it, I apologize. I'd be happy to provide some humble pieces from my own
experience, if needed.

Best regards,
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