Solved (almost) was: [wingide-users] Completion broken for Eggs?

Wingware Support support at
Tue May 27 09:06:37 MDT 2008

Tim Cook wrote:
> As interesting additional information. If I type; from z3c.form import
> form into the WingIDE Python shell it imports without error.

I don't have enough info to diagnose this but it might be something
still needed in the configured Python Path, or a failure in certain
completion contexts only (e.g. completing at | in from x.y.z| is one
we need to fix).

Note that Wing 3.1.1 will scan your main debug file and try to find
the sys.path changes there, and this should support those made by
buildout so that you don't actually need to set your Python Path
in Project Properties.  It may be that relying on that rather than
manually configuring will fix also this case.


Stephan Deibel
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