[wingide-users] Memory usage differences between Python and Wing Shell

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Tue May 27 09:00:33 MDT 2008

Jonathan Mozes wrote:
> I have a memory intensive data-set, reaching about 700MB in Python.
> When loading the same data-set in the Wing Shell Tool, python reaches 
> 2.1GB, and terminates due to memory allocation problems.
> Why are there such huge (300%) differences between the Shell Tool and a 
> normal Python Shell?

The shell in Wing is based on our debugger, which ends up allocating support
structures for every code object, among other things.  I will take a look
at it but suspect it's mostly unavoidable overhead.

Of course we may want to change things so the shell is not based on the debugger,
or at least doesn't install all the machinery until the user wants to actually
debug the code there (which currently isn't possible, but really should be).



Stephan Deibel
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