[wingide-users] Stripping Whitespace on Autosave and Cursor Positioning

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon May 19 14:48:54 MDT 2008

EpsilonAJS wrote:
> I really appreciate the new option to strip trailing whitespace on save. 
> However, there a few annoying quirks that need to be worked out, IMO.  Here
> are my suggestions:
> 1) Don't strip trailing whitespace on autosave.  Sometimes I'll be typing
> away and the autosave will trigger, causing the whitespace at the end of my
> current line to be stripped.  Not only does this have the potential to undo
> valid, in-progress spacing, but it becomes a huge annoyance when combined
> the second issue below.
> I'm assuming the above happens because a real-save and an autosave generate
> the same event.  If so, I think autosaves should be differentiated from real
> saves and "real-save events"  should not be generated on autosave.  Autosave
> is logically-separate operation from a real-save (autosave is just saving a
> temporary copy of the file, right? - that seems to be what the documentation
> says), so it's not obvious to me that they should generate the same event.
> 2) Don't position the cursor at the beginning of the current line if you've
> just stripped whitespace from that line.  Right now, Wing does this every
> time regardless of current cursor position.  First, it shouldn't be
> necessary to reposition the cursor at all unless it's in the block of
> trailing whitespace that's being stripped.  Second, even if it is necessary
> to reposition, it's a lot less frustrating to position it at the end of the
> current line.

Both of these are already fixed in our sources (for 3.1.1).  Thanks for
the bug reports!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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