[wingide-users] WingIDE with Perforce

John Burnett JBurnett at blizzard.com
Fri May 16 13:45:26 MDT 2008

Is anyone using Perforce with Wing?  I'm having two issues with it in
how Wing works with projects (I think).  I get the impression Wing is
set up to work best with non-exclusive, non-checkout-required source
control systems (like SVN).

I say that since if a wpr file itself is under revision control, then I
don't see any way of checking it out from *within* Wing.  This means I
have to drop over to the Perforce client?  If so, I guess this is a
feature request to allow project files to be checked out/committed
inside Wing.

Also, Perforce keeps files that aren't checked out as read-only.  If
something causes a wpr to require saving, then Wing gets in a situation
where you simply CAN'T close an open project.

-Open a read only ("non-checked-out") project
-Change something about it
-Try to close the project (pretending you don't want to save the

Result: you get a "Failed to write [project file].  Save to another
file?" prompt.  Answering "Yes" lets you save, but answering "No" will
simply dismiss the dialog and prevent you from closing the project.  I'd
expect a standard "Yes/No/Cancel" dialog here, where "Yes" acts as it
does now, "Cancel" acts as "No" does now, and "No" throws away your


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