[wingide-users] pi files

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu May 15 14:15:35 MDT 2008

John Burnett wrote:
> I think I'm having a hard time getting some pi files working, and was wondering what I'm missing.  Sorry for the length below, but I'm trying to cover my setup.  To describe the problem - I'm using a program call Maya that has python embedded, and it ships with some files like this:
> ...
> ...not there's no py files.  SO, my first question is, will pi files help in this situation?  I'm *assuming* so?

Yes, .pi files can be used to describe the interface of the module.

> Under that assumption, I have a set of pi files like this:
> c:\Users\jburnett\AppData\Roaming\Wing IDE 3\pi-files\OpenMaya.pi
> My "Edit, Preferences, Source Analysis, Advanced, Interface File Path" contains this:
> pi-files
> c:\Users\jburnett\AppData\Roaming\Wing IDE 3\pi-files <- just for good measure.. not needed?

This is needed.  The directory is not scanned by default.

> Lastly, if I make a new python file, and type this:
> import maya.OpenMaya as om
> om.
> ....I don't get any auto-complete information.

It should work if you move OpenMaya.pi to
c:\Users\jburnett\AppData\Roaming\Wing IDE 3\pi-files\maya  Since
OpenMaya is imported from the maya package, the OpnMaya.pi must be in a
maya subdirectory.



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