[wingide-users] __import__ 64bit package in Wing

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Wed May 14 19:25:36 MDT 2008

John Burnett wrote:
> I know I'm too much of a n00b to be doing this, but I'm trying to do the
> following as a command (i.e. I have the equivalent of this in my scripts
> dir): 
> ####
> def doSomething():
>     module = __import__("package")
> ####
> ...and when I run "doSomething" via "Edit, Command by Name", I get this:
> ####
> Error::Error executing script 
> Runtime failure details:
> Exception: "<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>"
> Value = 'DLL load failed with error code 193'
> Traceback:
>   File "C:\src\ide\bin\2.5\src\command\commandmgr.pyo", line 784, in
> Execute
> ####
> The error code 193 is the interesting bit (seems to be the equivalent of
> "corrupt exe").  After a bit more digging, I have a feeling that it's
> because the package I'm importing is dependent upon some 64bit libraries
> (I'm running 64bit Vista).  I can run the above code just fine in the
> python shell tool in Wing, but that's running a 64bit build of python.
> Am I SOL until there's a full 64bit build of Wing?  If so, any ETA? :)

If you can install a 32 bit build of Python, or of the particular libraries
you need, then it may work.

That said, I'd caution against loading just anything into Wing's process
space via a script.  I'm not sure what you're doing but for some things
it may make sense to write a separate process you drive from a script.
That would also let you work with whatever Python version you want
and not be constrained by the one Wing uses.

A couple of other notes:

Even so, we will probably ship Wing with more or all of the standard
library in the future, since people tend to run into missing modules.
Currently, we ship only w/ the modules that Wing itself uses.  Or,
we may do this with some sort of add-on to keep the core download

As to 64 bit build of Wing -- I don't know yet when but we are running
into more and more problems trying to exist in our 32 bit world so it's
just a matter of time, I think.  Just don't know how much time. ;-)


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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