[wingide-users] minor issue when swapped in

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Wed May 14 10:09:05 MDT 2008

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> When I first arrive at my workstation in the morning, and I unminimize 
> WingIDE, my desktop swaps a while and then Wing seems to start 
> responding. One area that lags a little is the menu.
> When I click on any option in the top menu (File, Help, whatever), the 
> disk swaps some more, and then stops, and the pulldown never appears. I 
> then click again and the menu is working fine.
> It's a minor thing but I'm wondering if you know about it. The box is 
> Windows XP, running a 3GHz P4 with 1Gig of RAM.

This sounds like fairly normal behavior for something that's been swapped
out.  Without knowing that much about Windows swapping, I imagine it's
also done in pages and the initial swap would perhaps miss pages needed
to handle the menu click, and then once those are swapped in the GUI code
is probably considering the mouse click too old to handle.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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