[wingide-users] 'Search in Files' Tool

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Wed May 14 10:01:02 MDT 2008

Rex Turnbull wrote:
> Is it possible to deactivate the 'autosearch-update' in the 'Search in 
> Files' Tool when this is not in the foreground? When it's upfront, I 
> think this is great, but not when I'm not using it.

In the Options menu you can turn off Auto-restart Searches.  However,
that disables it entirely even when at front (searching starts when you
press the Next/Prev search buttons instead).

My sense is perhaps we should just not auto-restart searches when the
tool isn't visible, tho I suspect someone would complain if we did
that so we may need a three-mode option here.

BTW, if you set the search scope to Project Files, it can be a lot faster
than searching disk directories due to the way the file set is cached
and updated.  This may reduce or eliminate the issue for you, if it's
an option in what you're doing.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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