[wingide-users] Can't get the hang of the new templating

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Wed May 14 08:14:32 MDT 2008

Jim Carroll wrote:
> I've got some templates that have the same field repeated several times...
> the old template system would prompt me for that field, and insert it in
> all the places where it belongs...
> The new inline templating system lets me tab between the filed locations
> but I end up typing the same data over and over again...
> What am I missing?
> Thanks,
> -jim
> P.S. I think you're going for what Textmate does:  When you type in one area,
> it fills in every other field with the same name with the same contents...
> (Textmate does this very well.)

I'm going to fix this for 3.1.1 -- it should auto-enter in the other like-named
fields and skip over those when tabbing.


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