[wingide-users] Executing external program

John Burnett JBurnett at blizzard.com
Mon May 12 13:49:43 MDT 2008


I'd like to assign a hotkey to execute an external program, passing in
the name of the currently open file.  It *looks* like the wingapi stuff
is what I need ( i.e.
http://wingware.com/pipermail/wingide-users/2006-December/004000.html ).

However, when I try to do something along those lines, I always get an
error in wingapi.py at the line "import edit.editor".  I'm guessing this
is because I don't have "src/edit/editor.py" (as referenced in
)...  And I'm guessing THAT'S because I haven't signed any NDA :).

That all said, do I need source access to do what I want?  Is wingapi.py
useless without it?  Is there a better way to go about this?  I tried
the "OS Commands" thing, but that seems to always pop up the OS commands
window when I run my command, which I don't want/need.

Thanks for any help,

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