[wingide-users] scripting help

Michael P. Soulier michael_soulier at mitel.com
Sat May 10 20:21:45 MDT 2008

On 09/05/08 Wingware Support did say:

> That's the code for the options dialog, in particular for the first field
> in it which lets you set the command used to invoke clearcase.  So you
> would just modify the for loop below there to include _kClearcaseCommand
> as the first item, instead of _kSubversionCommand.
> The 4th argument of CValueDef constructor is the default value (you've
> got it set to 'clearcase').

Ok, I'm not sure how to set those values, but I've set the default
properly now. 

I expect the checkout command to fail at the moment as I haven't set an
activity, but I'm not seeing an error message on stdout or stderr. As
this is win32 I don't expect stderr to be supported, but I thought that
the output of the command would be captured in stdout. 

Should I expect anything on stdout/stderr on win32?

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