[wingide-users] Global is None in doctest in function

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri May 9 10:18:00 MDT 2008

René Pijlman wrote:
> I just installed 3.1.0-1 with Python 2.4.4 on Windows XP. Doctests seem 
> to have improved, but we're not quite there yet :-/
> I have a bunch of files with doctests that work fine when I execute the 
> files in Wing and watch the debug I/O, but fail when I run the tests in 
> the testing tool. It looks like the common pattern is a module global 
> that's used in a function. For example:

The bug was that all globals were set to None when a module object went 
out of scope.  We've fixed this and released a patch for it.

Thanks for the bug report!


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