[wingide-users] RFE: common path prefix elimination in Testing tool

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Fri May 9 02:04:38 MDT 2008

Pete schrieb/wrote:
> It'd be nice if Wing could drop common path prefixes in the testing 
> tool.  All are my tests are in the same directory, but the common 
> prefix is rather long, and i therefore can't see the actual test 
> filename without scrolling.  It'd be nice if Wing could just drop that 
> common prefix, or at least drop the prefix-path to the project file 
> (tho see earlier emails on that subject).
+ 1
Or possibly extend the tree view up past the module level to show 
packages with the root node at the highest common package or directory 
(depending on user preference). My shallowest tests start at the package 
dicad.tests in the directory  'k:\release\python\lib\dicad\tests\' and 
go from there. In my case package names would be more consise than folders.


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