[wingide-users] Debugging a Python executable (py2exe)

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Wed May 7 10:57:46 MDT 2008

> >>Wing won't be able to read it out of the zipfile anyway.

The question is-Why is it looking there?

>>You'll need to provide it separately and either modify kPWFilePath in
> wingdbstub or
> >>set the environment variable WINGDB_PWFILEPATH before importing
> wingdbstub.

> >>One idea is to write code that creates the file in a temporary location
> >>and sets the environment variable before importing wingdbstub.  That
> way,
> >>the user doesn't actually need to place wingdebugpw somewhere manually.

Is this still needed when the file is in the Settings directory?

> >>Note that the wingdebugpw found by wingdbstub needs to match the one in
> >>the user settings directory of the user running Wing IDE.  The user
> settings
> >>directory varies in location but is listed as the 5th item in Wing's
> About box.

On this system, there is only one wingdebugpw- and it is in the settings
While debugging this issue yesterday, we copied it ot the project directory,
but  Wing still cannot find it there either

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