[wingide-users] Debugging a Python executable (py2exe)

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Wed May 7 10:53:29 MDT 2008

Tony Cappellini wrote:
> This is the first time I've ever tried to debug an exe created by Py2exe.
> We've configured py2exe to generate a zipfile containing most of the 
> stuff needed at runtime.
> The actual exe is a separate file. The Wing logfile below shows 
> wingdebugpw isn't being added to the zipfile created by py2exe.
> It's not a zip file you can just manually add files too. Doing so causes 
> corruption to the zipfile.

Wing won't be able to read it out of the zipfile anyway.  You'll need
to provide it separately and either modify kPWFilePath in wingdbstub or
set the environment variable WINGDB_PWFILEPATH before importing wingdbstub.

One idea is to write code that creates the file in a temporary location
and sets the environment variable before importing wingdbstub.  That way,
the user doesn't actually need to place wingdebugpw somewhere manually.

Note that the wingdebugpw found by wingdbstub needs to match the one in
the user settings directory of the user running Wing IDE.  The user settings
directory varies in location but is listed as the 5th item in Wing's About box.


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