[wingide-users] Debugging a Python executable (py2exe)

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Wed May 7 10:41:47 MDT 2008

>>If you're still having problems w/ this it's probably best to set

> >>kLogFile in wingdbstub and see what output you get there.

Did that- and turned on the verbose option too. This is how we found out
Wing can't find wingdebugpw in the exe generated by py2exe.
wingdebugpw isn't in the zip file created by py2exe - so Wing can't find it.

And it wingdebugpw in the Settings directory, but for some reason Wing is
trying to find it inside of the zip file generated by py2exe

>>sounds like it's never even connecting back to the IDE.

That's what the logfile is showing.

> >>Also, check that Enable Passive Listen is on in the IDE (click on the
> >>bug icon in lower left).

it's already on Wing isnt' connecting.

This is the first time I've ever tried to debug an exe created by Py2exe.
We've configured py2exe to generate a zipfile containing most of the stuff
needed at runtime.
The actual exe is a separate file. The Wing logfile below shows wingdebugpw
isn't being added to the zipfile created by py2exe.

It's not a zip file you can just manually add files too. Doing so causes
corruption to the zipfile.

wingdbg - 2008/05/06 17:16:36 - 'Error accessing file
"D:\\Util\\library.zip\\wingdebugpw": <exceptions.IOError instance at
wingdbg - 2008/05/06 17:16:36 - 'netserver CLOSECHANNEL'
wingdbg - 2008/05/06 17:16:36 - 'Bound attach listener to port' 50015
wingdbg - 2008/05/06 17:16:36 - '******************** START DEBUG
wingdbg - 2008/05/06 17:16:36 - 'ABOUT TO INIT'
********************* INSTALLING TRACE HOOK ***********************
********************* DONE INSTALLING TRACE HOOK ***********************
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