[wingide-users] wrapping lines

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Tue May 6 07:25:21 MDT 2008

Michael P. Soulier schrieb/wrote:
> I think I have line wrapping set up correctly, but when I hit 80 
> columns the line isn't wrapping with a hard return like I would 
> expect, being used to Vim. I mainly need this in comments and 
> triple-quoted-strings, as I tend to write volumes, and would like line 
> wrapping, and extension of the comment.
> What's the best way to set this up?
> Thanks,
> Mike
I don't get it automatically. I type a load of text hitting enter when I
feel like it. Then I go back and insert something in between. When I'm
done I hit Ctrl-j

All lines without blank lines between them are justified. This works for
"""triple quoted strings""" and #long comments.

Perhaps there is also an automatic that I don't know yet. Hope this helps.


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