[wingide-users] Tabs in Alphabetical Order

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu May 1 13:57:49 MDT 2008

Mike Shepanski wrote:
> Is it possible to move the file tab positions.  My thought process when 
> developing is to put the highest level modules/classes in front (to the 
> left) and their children to the right.  Because I can not order them 
> myself I am often notice myself having to search for a particular file 
> in the tab bar.  This ruins my thought process when you are deep into 
> coding and jumping between files.

The ability to reorder tabs is a frequent request and is something 
that's planned for a future version.  As Tom pointed out, you could use 
the one window per file layout mode and the arrange the top level 
windows like you want.



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