[wingide-users] Project directories are too smart

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Thu May 1 13:10:53 MDT 2008

>I am trying to add several directories to my Project drawer.  The problem 
> that each time I add a new directory, Wing seems to look for the lowest
> common directory shared in their paths and combine them into one.  This is
> rather annoying as it now requires me to dig 8 or more directories deep to
> get to something I wanted at the top level.
> For example:
> Suppose I wanted to add two directories:
> /apps/project1/webui/project/...
> /apps/project2/product/source/...
> What I want is for project and source to be top level directories, thats
> where my files are.  However, Wing creates a single tree stemming from 
> /apps
> because its the lowest common folder.  This forces me to dig deep down 
> into
> the trees, very slow and unproductive.
> What are my options here to get a better experiance?

I choose a name for the project file that reminds that it IS a project file 
(lie "project1.wpr"). Then, create that project (and write that project 
file) in the root directory for that project. In your example above, like 




You now have two disjoint projects (I hope that's what you want). When you 
open either one, the files will appear at the top level as you desire.

Tom S.

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