[wingide-users] What's the difference between these 2 commands?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu May 1 09:08:03 MDT 2008

Dick Moores wrote:
> So far, I've found 2 ways to run a script within Wing:
> 1. Source | Evaluate File in Python Shell
> 2. Debug | Execute Current File

The most common way to run a script in my usage is through the debugger. 
  I do this because if there's something I need to look at and change, I 
have all of the debugger tools ready to use.  I know that not everyone 
works this way, but I suggest that you consider it.

> What difference does it make whether a file is run in the Python Shell
> or the OS Commands window in the tool box?

They are different tools and have different characteristics, most 
notably the python shell has an interactive prompt.



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