[wingide-users] Looking for commands for keybindings

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu May 1 09:00:32 MDT 2008

Dick Moores wrote:
> 1. Close toolbox.

You've already found F1 & F2, which hide the horizontal & vertical 
toolboxes, respectively.

> 2. Delete current line in editor.

The command cut-line does this, as does the emacs-style kill-line (with 
different behavior).  They keys they are bound to depends on which 
keyboard personality you are using.

> 3. Copy current line in editor to line below.

There's not a builtin command for this, though you could create one 
using the extension scripting API.

BTW, a list of all builtin commands is in the command reference section 
of the manual.



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