[wingide-users] pid of the debugged process

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Thu Jun 26 08:21:16 MDT 2008

Luc Bourhis wrote:
> I wish to write a script which would attach gdb to the python process 
> that Wing debugs. At the moment, I have to manually enter the pid that 
> appears in Wing's status bar as debugging starts into gdb. I'd like to 
> automate that but I can't find a scripting way to get at that pid.

The following example script shows how to get the process id:

def debug_process_id():
   app = wingapi.gApplication
   dbg = app.GetDebugger()
   rs = dbg.GetCurrentRunState()
   print "PROCESS ID", rs.fRunState._fActiveInfo.spawned_process.GetPid()

Note that spawned_process will be None if there is no debug process,
so you'ld want to check that first.

I'll add a method to the runstate to return this -- the last line above
is "reaching through" the API and thus not guaranteed to remain supported
(tho pretty unlikely to change too).

Thanks for pointing out this omission in the API.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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