[wingide-users] Testing usability issues

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Jun 16 09:29:57 MDT 2008


Torsten Marek wrote:
> the Unit test panel still has a couple of issues:
> - it's not immediately visible whether any test has failed, one has to
> scroll through the whole list first

We plan on adding a overall success/failure icon.

> - the pane is quite inconvenient if only one test is executed because
> sometimes you have to scroll to see the test that was executed

I think this is a case where sometimes you want to see all the tests and 
sometimes you want to see some of the tests.  Use cases for seeing all 
of the testing include going to the source of a test (even if it hasn't 
been run last) and seeing all the tests that fail in order to debug them 
one by one.  The filter field provides a mechanism to narrow the tests 
shown to a file or a group of files.  We may adding other filtering 
options such as the tests executed in the last run and only failed tests.

> - class name in tests with parameters are converted to a tree structure
> (I can give you an example test result if need be)

Can you send a test case directly to us?  Our handling of tests with 
parameters could be improved and it would be nice to have examples of 
what people actually use.

> - very long output from a test is not line-wrapped, as well as very long
> error lines
> - the stack traces should probably not include unittest.py and case.py

Both of these should be fixed -- by case.py, I assume you mean a nose 

> Generally, I don't think that all tests should be shown all the time, it
> suffices completely if the last-run test is displayed in the result
> list. If need be, I think a solution like in the "commands" panel would
> be more helpful, with the list of tests on the left or right, and a big
> results view with only the results from the last test.

Are you envisioning basically the console output in the results pane? 
This is actually not that simple to implement because the Wing test 
runners change what is printed to stderr/stdout.

Thanks for the feedback,


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