[wingide-users] Testing usability issues

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Sun Jun 15 04:41:18 MDT 2008


the Unit test panel still has a couple of issues:

- it's not immediately visible whether any test has failed, one has to
scroll through the whole list first
- the pane is quite inconvenient if only one test is executed because
sometimes you have to scroll to see the test that was executed
- class name in tests with parameters are converted to a tree structure
(I can give you an example test result if need be)

- very long output from a test is not line-wrapped, as well as very long
error lines
- the stack traces should probably not include unittest.py and case.py

Generally, I don't think that all tests should be shown all the time, it
suffices completely if the last-run test is displayed in the result
list. If need be, I think a solution like in the "commands" panel would
be more helpful, with the list of tests on the left or right, and a big
results view with only the results from the last test.


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