[wingide-users] Enhancement: List/Goto caller (Goto source reverse)

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Mon Jun 9 07:46:35 MDT 2008

Wolfram Kriesing schrieb/wrote:
> I guess this is old and had been asked a lot of times ...
> Since there is a goto-source-definition already, I guess there is some kind of
> map which can be evaluated backwards to show all usages of a function.
> I just thought this would be great
> 1) mouse over "def my_function()"
> 2) right mous click
> 3) select "usages in ..." which opens a list of modules+functions
> where "my_function" is used
> 4) clicking one jumps there
There is a tool that helps: Bicycle Repair Man
I use it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I have to leave my posh 
WingIDE-Nest and go to SciTE.
Find reference lists all likely calls with line number and certainty.

Other BRM-Tools that I would love to see in WingIDE are inline and 
extract local variable. Extract method would be nice, too.

A nice thing about the BRM is that it doesn't have its own UI, leaving 
that to an 'integration script' of sorts.

I gave a talk about the BRM in February, if anyone wants, you can see a 
pdf version (in German) at the following link.

Perhaps there are some who are up to checking out the integration 
script  scitebike.py  and helping out Wing like those that worked out 
the pylint panel.


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