[wingide-users] real VIm instead of VIm mode?

Bartosz SKOWRON getxsick at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 07:36:37 MDT 2008

Hi folks!

I'm really new to WingIDE but I got full licence and try it for a
while. WingIDE seems to be really nice. Pretty fast and simple.
Usually I use gVIm and I'm really happy that there is support for vim
My 2 favourites features which I'm missing in Vim is autocompletation
(and i can't compare omni to wingide, because omni sucks) and nice gui
for pdb.
So, I'm thinking to move to WingIDE but vim mode doesn't give me
everything what i really like in my vim.
So, can you tell me if it's possible to run normal vim (with whole my
scripts, colorschemes, themes) into WingIDE?
If not, I will have couple of questions how to hack WingIDE to get it
similar to my VIm.

thx, for your help.


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