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Thu Jun 5 08:17:21 MDT 2008

Avner Ben wrote:
> I had rather have simple anonymous bookmarks. I am using such frequently 
> on other programmer's editors. The current Wing bookmark system, 
> introduced not long ago, is useless for me. It takes too long to mark 
> one, and then you must think of a name! Better give it up altogether.
> Actually, I should be using the navigate backwards/forwards keys (which 
> I do), but this facility is mechanical and lacks intelligence, so it 
> only partially reliable. For example: it unwinds the course taken by the 
> incremental search, character by character, which is definitely not what 
> I (or anyone in his right mind, for that matter) would want. And 
> sometimes it just does not go where I would expect it to.
> So, a simple and honest point-and-shoot nameless bookmarking facility 
> would be welcome!

Would you want this to replace the auto-bookmarking so the only bookmarks
are those you set, or add yours in addition to some defined set of auto
marks, or something else?

BTW, note that in Wing 3.1 auto-bookmarking should handled mini search
much better.  I've been trying to improve that incrementally so feedback
on what should still be changed would be welcome.



Stephan Deibel
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