[wingide-users] bug in Vi yank and paste

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Thu Jun 5 07:31:40 MDT 2008

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Michael P. Soulier wrote:
>> I used some very common keystrokes from Vim.
>> V to highlight entire lines
>> j to move down so two lines are highlighted
>> y to yank the two lines
>> I then changed tabs to another buffer, and hit p to paste those two 
>> lines. All I got was a semicolon. Odd as there isn't one in my code 
>> that I could see.
>> Seems like a bug.
> I've been very annoyed by this also.
> Seems like Wing has two "clipboards". One for when you select with the 
> mouse. Another for when you select using visual mode.
> There are other areas where using the 2 different methods to select text 
> lead to oddly inconsistent behavior.

One issue was that the regular copy/cut items in the menus were not
moving the text to the current vi 'register'.  I've fixed that in
our sources.

However, I wasn't able to reproduce the original report above.  Is
it possible you changed the current register w/ " + letter and that
one had a ';' in it.  They are saved across sessions so it could have
been from long ago, maybe also accidental.


Stephan Deibel
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