[wingide-users] Output to Debug I/O vs. Python Shell

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jun 4 15:25:44 MDT 2008

mercado mercado wrote:
> This is something very basic about Wing IDE 101 that I don't understand: 
> why does the output of my program sometimes get printed to the "Python 
> Shell" pane, when normally it goes to the "Debug I/O" pane?

There are two different ways to run code in Wing IDE 101: in the shell 
and in the debugger.  When a program is run via the Debug -> Run menu 
item, it runs in the debugger, but when you type a line into the Python 
Shell, it runs in the shell.  The two environments are independent of 
each other so they have separate input & output tool panes.



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