[wingide-users] Enhancement: List/Goto caller (Goto sourcereverse)

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Wed Jun 4 08:08:55 MDT 2008

Good luck, folks.

Something similar can be done now, using the "search in files" page. Search 
for "my_function". Sometimes it helps to turn on the "whole word" option.

The way that Smalltalk accomplishes this task is that Smalltalk creates an 
instance of "CompiledMethod" for each method. That class includes a list of 
symbols used by that method, including any methods invoked. The "find 
callers" method in Smalltalk is thus able to traverse all instances of 
CompiledMethod and answer those that match the desired call.

I do not believe the Python language metastructure, as is, supports anything 
this sophisticated. I suppose it might be possible to extend the environment 
by writing a tool that examines the compiled PYC files, but even that would 
depend on whether the symbol is actually present in the compiled form of a 
method -- I don't know the answer to that.

The principle disadvantage of a simple search (which can be done now) is the 

The alternative, which I have been developing for some years now, is to 
create an environment above Python that provides the metastructure necessary 
to support such behavior. Such an approach works well for code that exists 
within that environment (I use it every day), but does not handle arbitrary 
Python source files.

Tom S

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>> I guess this is old and had been asked a lot of times ...
>> Since there is a goto-source-definition already, I guess there is some 
>> kind
>> of
>> map which can be evaluated backwards to show all usages of a function.
>> I just thought this would be great
>> 1) mouse over "def my_function()"
>> 2) right mous click
>> 3) select "usages in ..." which opens a list of modules+functions
>> where "my_function" is used
>> 4) clicking one jumps there
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