[wingide-users] Code Completion

Luc Bourhis luc_j_bourhis at mac.com
Thu Jul 31 22:11:04 MDT 2008

On 29 Jul 2008, at 00:52, Wingware Support wrote:

> These are good ideas.  My current thinking is to have a preference  
> to have the auto completer do more guessing and add things like  
> these. Right now, the completer is fairly conservative so it doesn't  
> show things that may be incorrect.

Most of the time I want the completer to be as conservative as now.  
Thus I would probably never enable such a preference. However, at  
times, it could indeed be useful to have more guessing. Thus I really  
wish you could provide a special command to ask the completer to be  
less conservative just one-time for the completion at hand.

That said, I frankly think that we Wing users are so spoiled that we  
are starting to ask the near impossible for a dynamic language such as  

Luc Bourhis

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