[wingide-users] Better ways to teach the SourceAssistant

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Wed Jul 30 15:10:53 MDT 2008

Michael Foord wrote:
> > I have a couple of feature requests for code completion:
> > 
> > * If I use members on an object that Wing doesn't know about, it 
> > should then start offering them to me in code completion. We use 
> > some types with dynamic attributes - and it pains me to repeatedly 
> > type the same member names an Wing still not offer them to me via
> > 
> > * If I have a method that takes a 'worksheet' parameter, and then 
> > use methods on it that are only defined in the 'Worksheet' class, it

> > would be nice if Wing could work out that worksheet is a
John wrote:
> These are good ideas. My current thinking is to have a preference to
> have the auto completer do more guessing and add things like these.
> Right now, the completer is fairly conservative so it doesn't show
> things that may be incorrect.

Wing autocompletion is great, but I too would also like some
improvements.  I have zillions of Wing-assisting lines of code peppered
through my projects like this:

if 0: assert isinstance(foo, bar) #for Wing

Which tells Wing to give me autocompletion on foo as if it were a bar
(even if it isn't).  This is indispensable to me, but I do get tired of
it sometimes.  One tiresome case I can think of is when repeatedly using
a common function that only returns one type.  It would be nice if:

1) Wing knew the return types of the functions in the standard library
 - eg: that os.listdir returns a list

2) There were additional "teaching aids" available to educate the Wing
- eg: A way to tell Wing what return value a function is (or "is like",
if we want to stick with python ducks and avoid people telling me to
switch to a statically typed language!)
- eg: teaching code in comments like:
       "#~Wingdef:os.listdir returns list"

That last example is almost certainly too verbose, but you should get
the idea.

Adding a Wing-specific comment markup is probably going to be frowned
upon, but having more teaching aids than isinstance would be great.
Maybe magic function properties like:

def somefunc():
  """This returns a list"""
  return [1, 2, 3]
if 0:
  somefunc._returns = list #for wing

I'd even be fine with junking my deployed code up with function
decorators to accomplish the same thing, like:

def somefunc():

although that seems less desirable since I can't figure out at the
moment how I would make a decorator that would not get included in
deployed code.

As-is the the source assistant is great... just looking to make it more
so!  It is much improved over a few versions ago and I really appreciate
the feature.  Having it in the python shell is extreeeemely useful, and
when in the debug probe where it is significantly more code aware it is
top notch.


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