[wingide-users] Projects with relative paths?

Mike Rooney mxr at qvii.com
Tue Jul 29 08:56:35 MDT 2008


I am developing a project on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu), and would 
like to share the project file between the two (not at the same time, 
though), as the files/project are on a shared drive which both can access.

The project and the project file (.wpr) are in a folder called 
wxproject. In Ubuntu, the path to the files (and the location of the 
.wpr file) is /media/MICHAEL/wxproject, while on Windows it is 
D:\wxproject. I will note overall this seems to work well. No matter 
where I load the project, it seems to open all the files just fine and 
find them in their relative position. However when I am debugging and an 
exception occurs (in this case in test.py), Wing tries to open the 
document and highlight the area (which is strange as test.py is already 
open, perhaps another consequence of my use-case), but reports via a pop-up:

 "General: Document Open Failed:", "Failed to open document 

A sub-issue is that this dialog pops up behind my application so it is 
not easy to notice there is an issue.

Since Wing seems to handle opening the same project file from either OS 
and general editing/searching/running just fine, is this a bug, or is 
what I am doing not supported?

- Mike

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