[wingide-users] Long delays using Debug Probe

Mark A. Schmucker masc at rincon.com
Mon Jul 28 16:21:01 MDT 2008

I love the Debug Probe feature, especially used in combination with the call
stack. However it sometimes pauses for many seconds, making it unusable.
This seems to happen when I have large data objects. For example, if I'm at
a breakpoint and I type the first few letters of "my_large_data_object" in
the Debug Probe, the autocompletion list drops down, it freezes for maybe 20
seconds, then continues normally for a few more keystrokes and freezes
again. There is no status on the status bar to indicate what it's doing.
I've disabled all features I could think of that might cause delays:
 - disabled scanning for file changes (by setting the update frequency to
 - set my Search In Files string to blank
 - set my Search In Files to search in only the current file (the current
file is not huge)
 - removed all watches
 - set the Huge Object thresholds low
 - removed conditional breakpoints
What could be causing the long pauses?
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