[wingide-users] debugging cgi scripts

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Jul 25 12:57:37 MDT 2008

Mark Mulligan wrote:
> I am using wing ide 3.1 to develop python CGI scripts on UBUNTU (HH) 
> Linux desktop with LAMP installed.  I have followed the instructions for 
> launching the debugger from external code and thus have

My guess is that you need to copy wingdebugpw into the cgi-bin directory 
and make sure is readable by the user running the cgi script; see the 
2nd point of http://wingware.com/doc/debug/importing-the-debugger

If this isn't the issue, it may help to see the log file written when 
kLogFile in wingdbstub.py is set to a valid filename.  The log file may 
be mailed directly to support at wingware.com

> If the ports are correct why else might it be that can I never seem to 
> get this functionality to work (I couldn't get it to work when 
> developing on a  remote server either, a while back)

In many case, per-machine firewalls are an issue when debugging on a 
remote server.  Using ssh tunnels is an excellent way to get things 
working in this case.



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