[wingide-users] debugging cgi scripts

Mark Mulligan mark.mulligan at kcl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 25 11:38:13 MDT 2008


I am using wing ide 3.1 to develop python CGI scripts on UBUNTU (HH) Linux
desktop with LAMP installed.  I have followed the instructions for launching
the debugger from external code and thus have

(a)copied the wingdbstub into the cgi-bin directory I am running the scripts
at and ha
(b) imported wingdbstub in my top level CGI
(c) set the ports to their default values

I am not able to ever attach to a process on from debug:
attach to process
I can never get a browser refresh of the CGI code to launch the debugger
When I switch exit on fail to 1 in the wingdbstub file I always get a not
connected error

So my question is:

If my CGIs are running on a different port to the default ones, how can I
find that out, I connect to them as http://localhost/cgi-bin...
If the ports are correct why else might it be that can I never seem to get
this functionality to work (I couldn't get it to work when developing on a
remote server either, a while back)

Any help would be much appreciated


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