[wingide-users] autocompletion of pygtk only works in Python Shell

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Jul 25 09:40:55 MDT 2008

Chris Ness wrote:
> really bloody annoying. In the Shell, after...
> ...
> I get full completion working fine. But in the editor: Nothing, no 
> completion at all. If i set a breakpoint and debug, still no completion 
> in editor, but completion works fine in the Debug Probe.

This is due to the shell and debug probe being able to introspect a live 
process to find symbols, while the editor needs to rely on static code 
analysis to find symbols.  That said, there should be some completion 
info available for pygtk's gtk module.  Could you submit a bug report 
from within the IDE so we can begin to investigate what the issue is?



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