[wingide-users] Close all doesn't close help pane

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jul 23 13:30:37 MDT 2008

Michael Foord wrote:
> Wingware Support wrote:
>> Michael Foord wrote:
>>> If I want a clean start in Wing I select close all, and the 'help' 
>>> pane remains, I have to manually close it.
>> This is done so there is a document open and not a blank space.
> So 'close-all' would be the wrong name for the feature then... :-)
> Why not allow me to close-all. If none of the ones I have open are ones 
> I need, how does leaving one open help?

You're right -- it's really close-all-but-leave-help-open ;).  The 
thought was also return Wing to the state it was in when it first 
started with no files open.  We'll consider changing it.



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