[wingide-users] Tab-related feature requests

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Fri Jul 18 12:07:24 MDT 2008

>> Also, it'd be super-cool to have a dialog like Open From Project that

>> just list the current editor tabs.  I often want to switch around b/w
>> few open files (esp. on small screen laptop) & i haven't found a fast

>> way to do that from the keyboard.
> Currently, the way to do this is via switch-document command, which is

> Ctrl-x b in emacs and ctrl-k ctrl-s in visual studio.  We may also 
> implement a variant of the open from project dialog for this.

I always have way too many tabs open as well and would much prefer the
"most recent on the right" approach.

For switching between recent tabs I use ctrl-tab for this in Wing (and
many other applications) and don't ever recall having to configure it.
In 90% of tabbed applications I come across, Ctrl-tab is to tabs what
alt-tab is for applications.


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