[wingide-users] remembering zoom states / project zoom setting?

Mike Rooney mxr at qvii.com
Fri Jul 18 07:57:18 MDT 2008

Hello everyone!

I just joined the list and this is my first post. I perused and searched 
it for this particular issue but didn't see anything relevant.

I find the default text size of the editor (it appears to be Scintilla) 
to be quite large on my Ubuntu install, and would like to globally (or 
at least project wide) make it smaller. I can hold control and use my 
mouse scroll wheel to change the zoom, but this only works per file and 
does not appear to be persisted across sessions. I looked all through 
the editor preferences and couldn't find a setting.

Another solution, not as good as a global default / project setting, 
would be to remember it per file, and at least I would only have to 
change it once per each time I add a file.

Is there just a setting I am missing?

- Mike

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