[wingide-users] Debug I/O questions

Joel Koltner joel at radiodesign.com
Tue Jul 15 13:40:15 MDT 2008

I had a few quick questions:
1) In the debug I/O window, is there any way to get backspaces to perform a
backspace rather than showing up as a little "BS" graphic?  I realize that
you can set Wing to use an external shell by clicking the
Preferences->Debugger-> I/O->Use External Console and this is presumably the
recommended route for those needing to accept fancy cursor controls, use
colors, etc., but supporting a real backspace would take care of about 99%
of the cases I ever need and it's nice to keep everything integrated within
the Wing GUI.
2) Speaking of external consoles... under Windows, can one specify which
command interpreter to use?  I often use 4NT.exe instead of cmd.exe, which
is compatible with the later but adds many useful functions.
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