[wingide-users] remote debugging fails, can't import netserver

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Sat Jul 12 08:57:10 MDT 2008

Mark A. Schmucker wrote:
> I'm trying to set up remote debugging. It is not possible to install 
> Wing on the remote machine, so I have followed the instructions in the 
> manual, section 11.1.2, Installing the Debugger Core. I have used the 
> second option shown there- copying wingdbstub.py, bin/wingdb.py, and 
> bin/2.4/src/debug/tserver to the remote machine. I have specified 
> winghome in my wingdbstub.py.
> When I run the remote process, it does find and import bin/wingdb.py, 
> but it cannot import netserver. (netserver.pyc is available in my 
> tserver directory.) wingdb.py does correctly generate the two default 
> locations, adds them one by one to the sys path, and tries to import 
> netserver. The first of the two default locations, <my 
> winghome>/bin/2.4/src/debug/tserver, does indeed contain the file 
> netserver.pyc, yet the import fails.
> The output seems to indicate netserver.pyc is failing at line 206:
>     File "2.4/src/debug/tserver/netserver.pyc", line 206, in ?
> Sorry I can't send the entire debug output- it's on a private network, 
> no internet.
> Any ideas?

Try turning on kPrintAllTracebacks in wingdb.py and also set kLogFile
in wingdbstub.py if you have not already done so.  I suspect the real
issue is failure to import the extension module.  Are you copying from
a machine w/ same OS?


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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